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Creamy Salad Dressing Recipes were at first generally only made with mayonnaise as a base, but now they can be also made with yogurt, sour cream or salsa. The addition of herbs and spices along with other ingredients is what gives each type its unique flavour.

Salads have increased in popularity in the last few years and numerous companies are complying by producing more and more varieties of salad dressings to choose from.

These creamy versions of salad dressing are not necessarily healthy but they are tasty and certainly liven up a salad. You need to read the labels to compare the additives to see which ones are healthiest. I am sure you will be shocked by the ingredients used and the high levels of sodium not to mention sugar and fats. And what are those ingredients that I can’t even pronounce?

But – there is another way to get the flavours of great salad dressings without all the additives ? YES – make your own. This way YOU control what goes in it and YOU control the amount of sodium, sugars and fats.

Besides these benefits – the ingredients you use will be fresher and tastier.

Have you seen these tubes of herbs at your grocers yet? These are ideal for making salads and salad dressings.
You don’t need to buy a whole bunch of parsley or dill – just because you need a few sprigs or a teaspoonful.
These keep for a really long time in the refrigerator and are so handy.
They are a paste made from the real herb and 1 tsp = 1 tsp of fresh.
The flavours are great and certainly saves all that chopping or dicing.

French Dressing

The ever popular dressing which you can now make at home

Thousand Island Dressing

- this sweet and spicy dressing is equally at home on salad greens as well as vegetable salads.

Blue Cheese Dressing -

this creamy cheesy slightly tart dressing is even great on BBQ steak

Caesar Dressing -

this world renowned dressing is great on romaine salad

Creamy Poppyseed Dressing - creamy yet sweet and tangy all at the same time

Mustard Sour Cream Dressing - a  tangy dressing for those mustard lovers

Tangy Green Goddess Dressing - made with fresh avocado and herbs, it livens up any green salad

Buttermilk Basil Dressing - this creamy dressing hints at the pleasant basil

Ranch Dressing - great for salad and dipping fresh vegetables too

Buttermilk Garlic  - a thick creamy dressing with a bit of a kick

Roasted Garlic & Buttermilk Dressing - a great dressing for garlic lovers

Catalina Dressing - A zippy and tangy dressing for practically any green salad. Also great with many vegetable salads.

Greek Tzatziki Dressing -

A refreshing simple recipe, made with low fat yogurt. Goes well on nearly any type of salad.

This is just the beginning of my collection and research of Salad Dressing Recipes.

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