Centuries Old
Russian Salad Recipe
Olivier Salad

This Russian Salad Recipe is also known as Olivier recipe, who was the original creator. This simple recipe is a traditional New Years dish for the Russian people.

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As with any traditional simple recipe - they change over time and the ingredients largely depend on what is easily available.

There are many Russian Recipe versions which all differ. So if you would like to substitute something in the ingredients - go right ahead - it will still be a Russian Salad.

Russian Salad Recipe - Olivier Recipe

Russian Olivier Recipe Ingredients:

• 2 Boiled potatoes - cubed

• 4 Boiled eggs - peeled & cubed

• 2 Apples - cored & diced

• 2 Cups (500 ml) boiled skinless chicken - chopped

• 1 Cup (250 ml) boiled green beans - cut in pieces

• 1 Cup (250 ml) cream

• 1 Cup (250 ml) yogurt

• 1 Cup (250 ml) mayonnaise

• Salt to taste


1. Prepare the vegetables, eggs, and meat as directed above.

2. In a large bowl combine the dressing ingredients and blend til well mixed.

3. Add the potatoes, eggs, beans, apples and chicken.

4. Mix gently till all pieces are coated.

5. Cover and refrigerate for a few hours to let the flavours meld.

Russian Olivier Recipe Yield: This Russian Recipe serves 8 as a side dish, 4 as a meal

Did you know

- that a Russian chef, Lucien Olivier first created this salad in the 1860s.

- that his Russian sous-chef, Ivan Ivanov tried to steal the recipe and created his own salad (which he called Capital or Stolichny Salad) but he was missing one important ingredient.

- that the modern Russian people - put diced sausage in the Olivier Recipe, and diced chicken in a Capital or Stolichny Recipe.

- that this Russian recipe makes a complete hearty meal.

- that you can make this Russian recipe even healthier by substituting low-fat mayo and and fat free yogurt.

- that you could substitute nearly any cooked vegetable (canned, frozen, or left-overs) for the green beans.

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