To Create Perfect Jello Desserts -
Jello Tips and Tricks

This page, Jello Tips and Tricks, will help you to create the perfect simple salad recipe dessert.

I have tips for how to make layered Jello, and tips for how to make Jello Molds, as well as how and when to add fruit and nuts plus how to create the creamy Jello desserts.

Just follow the simple Jello Tips and Tricks and you will be preparing beautiful jello desserts in no time.

How to Make Layered Jello - Jello Tips and Tricks

To make a jello salad with different coloured layers, you first need to organize your chilling bowls and ensure you have sufficient space in the refrigerator, since each colour will initially require its own bowl for the preparation and chilling.

• The jello should only be allowed to "set" to the stiffness of thick pudding, not stiffer: otherwise the layers won't bind together and will separate when you remove the mold.

• To create a "broken glass" effect, where jello cubes of one colour are set into another colour, the gelatin for the cubes needs to "set" completely before cutting them and placing them into the "suspension" colour. The "suspension" colour should only be partially "set" so you can place the cubes where you want and they will stay there.

• In summary - the main Jello tips and tricks for successful layered jello is to allow each colour to only get partially set before layering them.

How to Make Jello Molds and Rings

You can easily add a touch of elegance to your jello creations by pouring the jello into a fancy cake pan, or a special jello mold.

• A metal mold will cool quicker which promotes a faster "set" than glass or plastic.

• For large jello molds, use 1/4 cup less liquid than the directions call for. This will make the jello firmer to allow it to hold its shape during the unmolding.

• Try lightly spraying the interior of the jello mold with unflavoured cooking spray, before adding the gelatin. This is to help the jello to slip out more easily. Be sure to wipe out any excess with paper toweling.

• Another little trick is to line the interior of the mold with plastic wrap. This way the jello cannot stick to the mold, will slide out easily, and the plastic wrap is quickly removable from the jello.

• The jello must be totally stiff before attempting to unmold it. The top must be dry, not tacky, and the jello shouldn't move when you tilt the bowl.

• Use a dampened paper towel to moisten a serving plate or platter. This way, you will be able center it on the platter or plate after unmolding it.

• Immerse the mold in WARM (NOT HOT) water for 8 - 10 seconds only - any longer and it will begin to turn to liquid.

• Run a wet table knife around the edge to allow air in. Put a plate or platter upside down over the mold and carefully turn the mold and plate over. Lightly tap all around the sides and bottom and then gently remove the mold.

Adding Fruits and Nuts

Mixing in additional ingredients like fruit pieces, chopped nuts, or mini-marshmallows adds a different texture, increases the flavour, and makes the dessert more visually appealing.

To accomplish this without everything floating on the top you need to let the jello partially set (like a "pudding" consistency) before "placing" the fruit or nut pieces where you want them. This way, they will stay put.

NOTE: some fruits will prevent the jello from setting. To be safe - avoid all fresh exotic fruits

All canned fruits are safe to use.

Creamy Gelatin - Jello Tips and Tricks

1. You can add any of the following into your jello; whipped cream or a whipped topping, softened cream cheese, cottage cheese, sour cream or even mayonnaise.

Before adding in any of the above options - prepare the jello according to the directions and chill it for a short period of time - then stir in your choice of options until everything is nice and smooth. Re-refrigerate to fully set.

2. To make a mousse type of jello just beat in air with an electric beater.

Prepare the jello following the package directions and chill it until it becomes quite thick. Using an electric beater - beat the jello until it doubles in volume. Re-refrigerate to fully set.

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