How to Wash Boston Lettuce
and proper handling

Learning how to wash Boston lettuce is important to conserve it's delicate nature as well as to clean it. This Step by Step Guide below will show you the proper handling and washing.

This lettuce is also commonly called Butter, Buttercrunch or Butterhead Lettuce, Buttercrisp Lettuce or Bibb Lettuce.

Step 1

  1. Boston Lettuce is very delicate and therefore it usually comes packaged in a bubble pack - like this.

Step 2

  1. Remove any damaged areas from the leaves and discard them.

Step 3

  1. Hold it gently but firmly on it's side.

Step 4

  1. With a sharp serrated knife, remove the root ball from the Boston Lettuce.

Step 5

  1. To wash the leaves - carefully separate them from the stem and drop them into a sink or large bowl of cold water.

Step 6

  1. To thoroughly wash them - make sure they are submerged and swish them around a bit.

Step 7

  1. All the grit and dirt will wash off and fall to the bottom of the sink or bowl - like here.

Step 8

  1. After the wash - remove the Boston Lettuce leaves to a clean towel or paper towels.

Step 9

  1. Use paper towels to pat dry the Boston Lettuce leaves.
  2. Your lettuce is now ready for use.

Now you know how to wash a head of Boston Lettuce
and your lettuce is ready for use.

Let's see what you can do with it besides a salad.

For the smaller Boston Leaves

For the larger Boston Leaves

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