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If you are looking for some new Easter Salad Recipes or meal ideas for your Easter Holiday Dinner this year – you have come to the right place. I have been scouring the net to find what other countries and cultures serve.

All the underlined texts are links to simple salad recipes for those particular salads.

Easter is celebrated by Christians in every country of the world. Many atheists also observe some Easter traditions. But whether you are Christian or not – it is still a holiday for nearly everyone. Some countries have a 4 day holiday, some 2, and some celebrate for up to 2 weeks.

Many countries incorporate Easter Salad Recipes into their holiday menus.

For instance:

Italy – they start their Easter Dinner with a traditional Easter Salad recipe for an Antipasto Salad then Serve Roast Lamb, fresh asparagus or artichokes with baby potatoes. They finish with a Classic Neapolitan Grain Pie.

Scandinavians – Serve Smoked Ham, sauerkraut, potato salad, herring salad with hard boiled eggs and end with a cheesecake.

North America – start with a fresh salad, such as a Layered Salad, either roasted ham or turkey with baby potatoes, candied yams, usually carrots or other vegetables, cold pea salad, deviled eggs, and end with the traditional hot cross buns.

Easter salad recipes

Poland – Easter signifies the end of Lent (a long period of fasting) and therefore they go all out with Polish Deviled Eggs, Vegetable Salad (Salat Kawarzywna), ham, roast veal, roast pork, roast lamb, roast beef, plus Kielbasa. To accompany these meats they have boiled potatoes, red cabbage, Easter Bread and finish with an Easter lamb Cake. They don’t worry about left-overs – it mostly goes into a stew called “bigos” which is the Polish National Stew. As for the ham – they make a ham & fruit salad and ham salad sandwiches.

Jamaica – Since they are in a much warmer climate they prefer to grill fish but on Easter they go all out with Escovitch fish (which is a fried/grilled fish marinated in vinegar) or stuffed roasted snapper. Along with the fish they serve a number of Easter Salad Recipes such as: potato salad, bean salad, broccoli salad, along with the traditional Easter Bun with cheese and sometimes rice pudding.

France – The French generally serve either roasted lamb or smoked ham, accompanied by fresh vegetables and potatoes. Sometimes they make a lamb stew – Navarin, instead, or make it from the left-overs. For dessert – the French only need a holiday for an excuse to eat crepes.

United Kingdom – The British are adamant about their Hot cross Buns on Good Friday and these carry over throughout the holiday. The Easter Dinner is usually a roast lamb with sides of vegetables and potatoes with the traditional Simnel Cake for tea. Custard tarts and Easter biscuits are also common.

Easter Salad recipes

Greece – Here they start with appetizers in the form of salads such as Maroulo Salata and tomato salad, as well as fresh raw vegetables with dips. The dinner usually consists of roast lamb, baked potatoes and cooked vegetables. Red dyed eggs are very common. India – For appetizers they serve Carrot/mint salad or orange/jicama salad. With the roast lamb or lamb cakes they have a macaroni/vegetable salad and a mushroom salad, as well as potatoes and broccoli casserole.

Canadians – Usually start with a nice spring garden salad for their Easter salad recipe, then serve a roast of lamb or ham with potatoes and either peas or carrots. The potatoes can be either mashed or scalloped. For dessert – usually a cheesecake is served. The French Canadian culture - mostly in the province of Quebec – traditionally serve a tourtiere (meat pie) along with the dinner.

Mexico – Here they serve “Cabrito” (a roasted young goat) with side dishes of guacamole, refried beans, tomatoes and hot peppers, as well as a Mexican Vegetable Pasta Salad. They also have bread pudding with Easter cheese and fruit ices.

Russia – They tend to have a smorgasbord with watercress salad with eggs, Russian Beef Stew, fried fish, smoked fish, roasted pheasant, partridge or duck, roast lamb or beef, with pierogi and Easter Bread. Kielbasa with sauerkraut is also common.

Australia – At this time of year they are just heading towards their winter season, but the weather is still nice enough to hang around outside so after they start with a Waldorf Salad and some appetizers, they grill chickens and serve this with fire roasted vegetables, polenta, and finish with cake.

Spanish – Here they prefer to start with deep fried calamari rings with a Mixed Salad (Ensalata Mixta). This is followed by either a roast of lamb or lamb chops with potatoes and green beans. They finish the meal with “Catalan Cream”.

Irish – They start with a Leek Soup, followed by Roast lamb, potatoes and vegetables and finish with Easter chocolates and Easter Cakes.

Germany – Their Easter fare consists of roast lamb, potatoes, spring vegetables and finishes with festive cakes such as Hazelnut Torte or Black Forest Cake. Pretzels are also very common.

You will notice that roast lamb is the most common traditional meat with ham being a close second, all throughout the world. This is because a lamb signifies peace, humility and innocence. Many other meats can also used.

I hope you have found some new ideas for your Easter Dinner and some new Easter Salad Recipes.

Peace be with you all this holiday.

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