Traditional Christmas Dessert Recipes from Around the World

Christmas Dessert Recipes is a preview of what some other countries traditionally serve at Christmas time for dessert.
Christmas is observed in nearly every country of the world. It is a time for family gathering, worship, sharing and forgiveness. For many it is a time of celebration as well, with a large traditional family meal.

Christmas Dessert Recipes

To complete the holiday meal, a dessert is usually served. This can range from simple fruit salad recipes to more complex and decadent trifle recipes. In most cases fruit is involved since this is a symbol of life.

Why not try something new this year from another country? These simple dessert salad recipes can be accomplished by anyone.

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Jamaican Rice pudding, how to make rice pudding

Coconut Rice Pudding – In Puerto Rico and Jamaica they have special rice pudding recipes for Christmas dessert with coconut milk.

norwegian rice pudding, how to make rice pudding

Rice Pudding – In Scandinavia, at Christmas Eve Dinner it is served mixed with whipped cream and topped with a red fruit sauce. In the Ukraine it is a Christmas tradition to serve this dessert made with dried fruits and nuts.

dried fruit compote, how to make fruit compote

Dried Fruit compote – In Poland & Russia, where fresh fruit was impossible to find in winter, they made a fruit compote from dried fruits which was served as dessert on winter holidays.

Brandied fruit – When fruit was in season, some households in Poland and Eastern Europe would make this Brandied Fruit Recipe and keep it to serve as a dessert at Christmas.

citrus salad recipe, how to make citrus salad
Citrus Salad – Citrus Fruit has always been a favourite at Christmas and the combination in this citrus salad recipe is a perfect blend. This is commonly served in North America and the West Indies as a Christmas dessert.

cranberry swirl parfait recipe, how to make a parfait

Cranberry Swirl parfait – this recipe uses rice pudding and the most favourite Christmas fruit - cranberries. This type of rice dessert recipe is common in North America and in many other countries.

Christmas Fruit Salad, how to make fruit salad

Christmas Eve Salad - ensalada de noche buena - In Mexico this Christmas Dessert Salad is a strong tradition even if the recipes ingredients vary by region or availability.

Layered Crepe Cake Recipe, how to make crepe cakes

Crepes – Crepes are the most popular Christmas dessert in France. Really simple recipes that are dressed up with fruit and syrup and liqueur to become elegant dessert recipes.

Layered Jello Recipe, how to make layered jello

Layered Jello - A popular and light, refreshing dessert after a large meal, a simple jello parfait in Christmas colours is always a welcome treat.

MIxed fruit salad recipe

Mixed Fruit Salad - A pleasant light dessert recipe. This can be served "as is" or with a nice Fruit Dip

Christmas Trifle

Trifles are a common Holiday Dessert in the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Australia. But that doesn't mean that we can't make thess dessert recipes too.

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