Healthy Combination -
BBstrawberry Rice Recipe

This healthy and nutritious BBstrawberry Rice Recipe combines the goodness of 2 berries, blackberries and strawberries, with a healthy rice pudding to create a nutritious dessert, breakfast or anytime snack.

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Besides being healthy and nutritious, this fruit dessert recipe is very tasty and will disappear very quickly. All types of berries are nutritious and you can substitute among the different varieties, if you prefer.

In this simple fruit salad with rice recipe, I used blackberries and strawberries to make this dessert.

BBstrawberry-Rice Recipe


  • 1 pkg. blackberries
  • 1/2 pkg strawberries
  • 2 cups rice pudding


1. Prepare the rice pudding or use store bought.

2. Wash all the blackberries and strawberries, allow them to drain - then place them on paper toweling and gently roll them or pat them dry.

3. Slice or quarter the strawberries and then gently mix the 2 berries together in a bowl.

4. To assemble the dessert, use 4 short-stemmed wine glasses or 4 ordinary glasses. Place a few pieces of fruit in the bottom of each glass.

5. Next - layer 5 tbsp (75 ml) of rice pudding over the fruit.

6. Equally dividing the fruit among the 4 glasses - place the fruit around the outer edges first, then fill in the center.

7. Top with the remaining rice pudding.

8. Serve immediately or refrigerate until needed.

Yield: Serves 4


1. For a quick recipe for a nice creamy rice pudding - click here

2. When buying blackberries or strawberries, make sure they are fully ripe and of a uniform colour. Check also for rotten or overly soft ones. Discard these and keep only the firm ones.

3. This BBstrawberry rice recipe is best eaten shortly after being made, as the berries do not keep well after being washed.

Did you know

- that blackberries can aid in the prevention of breast and cervical cancer.

- that eating blackberries can strengthen your blood vessels, which in turn can help prevent heart attacks and strokes.

- that blackberries can bring relief from intestinal inflammation and diarrhea

- that Blackberries are a great source of beneficial vitamins and minerals

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