Ambrosia Salad Recipes
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Various Ambrosia Salad Recipes have been around for decades. The original Ambrosia recipes were usually made with oranges and grapefruits. These were the 2 more common fruits available at that time. Now that we all have year-round access to fresh fruits from all over the world - we can substitute many more types into this easy and simple Ambrosia recipe.

Ambrosia can also be made with canned fruit, (such as in this picture), for a really quick dessert or fresh fruit can be substituted. What ever is in season, or which ever ones are the handiest (cheapest) can be used and the results will still be a great Ambrosia dessert.

Ambrosia with canned frui

Ambrosia Recipes

The possibilities for Ambrosia are nearly endless

If you discover a new favourite - please let us know by submitting your Ambrosia recipe ingredients - use the handy form located by clicking the "Share a Recipe" button on the left.

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