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This "About Me" page is to tell you a bit about myself and how I came to creating a website.

My name is Noreen and I currently live in a small town in eastern Ontario. Below is a short history of myself and how I came to start this website about simple salad recipes.

Many moons ago, my husband and I owned and operated a fly-in fishing and hunting lodge in northwestern Quebec. We had quite a few customers that wanted the "American Plan" which meant, in todays terms, "all-inclusive".

Sooo, I had to learn to cook (and plan and order supplies, and create varieties, account for allergies, etc, etc.) for groups of up to 25 men at one time.

Now this lodge we bought was an old fire station and although it had a kitchen - this kitchen was modeled after the old-fashioned logging camps (i.e. wood cook stove, as well as a propane stove, propane fridges, hot & cold water in a MASSIVE sink and a lot of tinware for cups and plates). Also - there was NO hydro.

I determined right off the bat that I would create healthy meals for these clients and this included salads everyday of some sort. Making salads also generally meant that there was little or no cooking involved. (There was no air conditioning either).

The clients enjoyed their meals and salads, and over the years I began to experiment more and more with different varieties of salad combinations.

After we sold the lodge and returned to civilisation, I became restless and took on a number of Project Management jobs, and did some Home Based businesses. Later, I hired on at a local business, where I still am today as the Salad Bar Manager.

Now that I am slowing down, I wanted to share my many simple salad recipes with others. The only avenue I could think of was on the internet - but I had had a web site before and I had to pay large fees for a site design and then monthly fees for hosting.

Then, one day, I happened to over-hear a conversation between 2 co-worker, where one was telling the other that you could actually make money with a website that gives away information (or recipes). Apparently he had one with this company (Solo Build It) and he was making over $1,000. a month.

So, I got right on that and did a lot of research. I am very leary of anything promoted on the internet because you can't really verify if it is just a scam or not. This company (Solo Build It) that the one co-worker was with really seemed to be genuine - and it had a 100% money-back guarantee offer. So I bought in for less than it would cost to pay a site designer - even less than it cost for hosting for 1 year and this plan included all that and much much more.

Now, I had very little computer experience other than e-mail, facebook and typing documents. But this program has everything you need and explains everything step by step in it's "Action Guide". It even has "building blocks" for building your website. Just follow the plan religiously and everything technical falls into place.

That is how I built this site - for less than $1.00 per day. Now - that is cheap!

If you are looking for some extra cash on a regular basis, that just keeps working 24/7 when your asleep or even on vacation - then this might be for you.

If you love a place or have a passion for something, a hobby - anything that you can write about - you can set up your own website and make money with it.

If you can read, follow instructions, type, copy & paste, then you can do it too.


Well, that's all I have to say About Me for now.

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Welcome to my salad site. My name is Noreen.

Two of the many questions I get asked (nothing to do with salads) is why and how I built this website. So I thought I would put those answers right up front for everyone to read, so I wouldn't have to keep repeating myself.

1. Why I built this site.
I built this site to share...........

2. How I built this site.
I signed up with a company............

3. Do I earn Money with this website.
Yes I do........

4. Can Anyone do it.
Anyone that can read...........

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